AuthorStuart H Deming; Truman K Butler; Vivian Robinson
This booklet has been specically written for laypersons and, in particular,
for business people as well as lawyers with limited experience. Our objective
was to provide a concise and useful explanation of the US Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act (‘FCPA’) and the UK Bribery Act along with helpful guidance
as to what entities should be doing to minimize their risk of legal liability.
We believe this booklet will be useful to any entity. This includes the
traditional for-prot entities like companies and partnerships as well as
non-prot entities such as non-governmental organisations. Given the broad
reach of the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act, and the implications of a host
of other legal regimes, this booklet is also highly relevant to foreign entities
not generally perceived as being subject to either statute.
The phrase, often attributed to George Bernard Shaw, that the US and UK
are ‘two nations divided by a common language’ has often come to mind
in the course of our efforts. For consistency, English spelling and punctua-
tion has therefore been used. Yet in terms of substance, both a US and UK
perspective has been carefully maintained throughout our joint efforts.
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