AuthorChristopher P. Bussert - James R. Sims III
The Intellectual Property Handbook: A Practical Guide for Franchise, Business,
and IP Counsel Practitioners, 2nd Edition, is—like its predecessor— targeted
to complement and enhance the collection of excellent publications by
the ABA Forum on Franchising and the ABA Section of Intellectual Prop-
erty Law, such as the Forum’s Covenants against Competition in Franchise
Agreements and the Mergers and Acquisitions of Franchise Companies, and
the Section’s Crash Course on U.S. Patent Law and Copyright Remedies: A
Litigator’s Guide to Damages and Other Relief. Sponsored by both the Forum
on Franchising and the Intellectual Property Law Section, The Intellectual
Property Handbook is designed to serve as a comprehensive single-volume
treatment of all the major types of intellectual property (IP).
As did the first edition, this updated edition features an overview of
domestic and international trademark laws, domain name, cyber law and
social media issues, and copyright, patent, and trade secret laws, as well
as an important overview of the intersection of IP issues and cutting-edge
technology. Our mandate and goal as editors was to provide both substan-
tive and practical guidance to a wide audience of non-IP specialists: fran-
chise practitioners and general practitioners; in-house corporate counsel
who regularly address IP issues; paralegals and novice intellectual prop-
erty practitioners looking for a practical overview of IP; and IP specialists
in one area who need a refresher or grounding in another. We believe and
hope that The Intellectual Property Handbook will prove to be a valuable
and frequently used resource for each of these readers.
This compilation resulted from numerous hours of hard work and ded-
ication and the concerted efforts of many. First and foremost, we want to
thank the authors of the individual chapters for their perseverance and
patience through the evolution of this project: Sherin Sakr for her hard
work (with Chris Bussert) in updating the chapter on U.S. trademark law
(Chapter 1); Ann Ford for guiding the reader through the maze of trademark
registration and protection issues outside the United States (Chapter 2);
Jonathan Jennings for his treatment of the oft-changing world of domain
name, cyber law, and social media legal issues (Chapter 3); Susan Upton
Douglass for navigating the complexities of copyright law (Chapter 4); the
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