AuthorElizabeth Rodriguez - Sean Solberg
When we began contacting people about contributing to this book, everyone’s response
was the same. We all agreed that there was a tremendous need at this time for materials
that could explain the overwhelming number of changes in the law, including enactment
of the America Invents Act of 2011, recent court decisions, and changes in regulations in
the past two or three years that directly impact technology transfer activities at our uni-
versities and medical schools. Each of us, being practitioners who serve the technology
transfer community, understood that these changes impact technology transfer operations
in ways that are unique and unexpected. So, who better to ponder and provide guidance
regarding these changes? However, we also knew, precisely due to all of these changes,
that no one of us by ourselves could undertake this huge feat. In the spirit of collabora-
tion, which is the mantra of technology transfer anyway, we agreed that if we each bit
off a piece, together we could assemble a volume that would serve as an authoritative
guide for everyone who has the distinct privilege of working with universities, medical
schools, and faculty in the area of technology transfer law. Putting aside our usual crises
and personal obligations, together we produced this wonderful handbook that we hope
you will agree is a “must read” for every technology transfer ofce and the practitioners
who serve and support them. We are very grateful to all of the authors and contributors
for their efforts in this endeavor. We would also like to thank the ABA Intellectual Prop-
erty Law Section for all of its support and enthusiasm for this book.
Liz Rodriguez
Sean Solberg

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