AuthorJames D. Cox/Thomas Lee Hazen
ProfessionProfessor of Law at Duke University/Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
This book is designed to be an easy to access reference guide for
corporate counsel as well as outside counsel dealing w ith corporate
law. The book is an abridged version of our four-volume treatise on
corporate law—James D. Cox & Thomas Lee Hazen, Tr eati se o n th e
Law of Corporations (3rd ed. West 2010).
We have kept references to a minimum in order to promote read-
ability without sacrif icing reference to helpful primary sources. O ur
hope is that this book will provide a useful overview and explana-
tion of key concepts. The complexity of the f ield of corporate law
precludes comprehensive treatment within a readable one-volume
book so we have focused on breadth and understa nding rather than
depth. Once you have gained a basic understanding of the subject
from this book , you might want to consult a more comprehensive
source such as our four-volume treatise published by West.
We hop e th at you wil l fi nd th is bo ok us efu l. We we lcome your c om-
ments or suggestions for improvement.
James D. Cox
Durham, N.C.
Thomas Lee Hazen
Chapel Hill, N.C.
June 2012
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