AuthorBert Spector
ProfessionProfessor of Strategy at Northeastern University
Preface ix
ABA Fundamentals: Understanding Your Business Clients is a book about
business for lawyers; those who are currently working in-house and in
various business-related practices, as well a s those who are considering the
practice of business law. It is not a text on business law. Those texts are
plentiful and readily available. Instead, this is a guided tour through the
world of your current or potential clients, and the narrative is offered from
a business perspective rather than a legal one.
Let me explain what I mean. Business law texts a re typically organized
around legal concepts: contracts, torts, property law, and so forth. That
makes perfect sense as a way to sort th rough the many legal issues faced by
in-house and outside counsel. It is not, however, how corporate executives
approach their own world. To help your interactions with those current
and potential future clients, Understanding Your Business Clients is
organized around concepts and issues that arise i n the day-to-day activities
of managers: finance, strateg y, huma n resources, marketing, and so forth.
There are case examples presented in Und erst andi ng Your B usin ess
Clients, but not the kind typically offered in legal texts. Rather than
court cases, I’ve offered illustrations from the world of business: quarterly
finan cial reports from IBM, corporate str ucture at Disney, customer

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