AuthorJeffrey Robert Matsen
ProfessionFounder and managing partner of Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP
The one constant over the many years of my prac-
tice and among the hundreds of different clients
Ihave served is the imbalance between, on the one
hand, their profound concern regarding Asset Pro-
tection, and on the other, their lack of understand-
ing of how to implement it.
The purpose of this book is to provide read-
ers with a straightforward and elementary under-
standing of what Asset Protection really is and how
it can be effectively implemented by taking various
steps—like rungs on a ladder. By reading this book,
you as readers are initiating the process of protect-
ing the assets you have worked so hard to build
and preserve. It is, in essence, the beginning of your
journey in setting up this hypothetical ladder. The
goal of this discussion is to give you enough basic
information to take the all-important next step in
implementing your Asset Protection plan, and help
you truly climb the ladder of success.
Over the years, I have represented hundreds of
small business owners, physicians, professionals,
corporate executives, and real estate investors. My
practice has centered on meeting my clients’ needs
in the areas of Estate, Business, Asset Protection
and Real Estate Planning. In addition, because of
my substantial Estate Planning practice, I have
also had extensive experience in Probate and Trust
Because most of these areas of the law are
closely connected and become intertwined in the
lives of my clients, it is important for them to have
an integrated plan with respect to the protection,
preservation, and transfer of their assets. That is
why I have developed the concept of “The Ladder
of Success”—a multi-tiered approach to addressing
our clients’ concerns and needs. Asset Protection
Planning really is like a ladder: Such planning is
multi-tiered and works together as a whole to bring
an individual to a higher level of protection. Some
of the steps of the ladder may not be relevant for
each client, but for most professionals, almost all
of the tiers are worthy of consideration and review.
The Ladder of Success is focused specifically
on Asset Protection Planning and is designed to
help all types of clients preserve and protect their
assets during their lifetimes so they can be trans-
ferred in the most tax-saving and efficacious man-
ner to the next generation.

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