Author:Dube, Reena

The present special double volume of the journal is the end result of a labor of faith and love. The process began back in 2012-13 when I reconceptualized the mission of the journal. The journey to "a multidisciplinary journal of theoretical investigations in literature, film, drama, and cultural studies in globalism" began with the first cfp of my tenure as editor, and passes through another special double volume. Volume 39 (Numbers 1 & 2) & Volume 40 (Numbers 1 & 2), January 2014, titled "Globalism from Below." That first time, our approach to the thematic of globalism from below was generalized, nevertheless the journal was fortunate to have scholars from all over the world- India, Peru, Spain. Nigeria, China, Taiwan, as well as the United States--respond to our call for papers. We had better success traversing the thematic of "globalism from below" at our second try and were rewarded with a collection of excellent essays from a variety of scholars, perhaps because we focused the double issue (Vol. 42 [nos. 1 & 2] 2015) on a specific manifestation of globalism from below: "Cinematic and Literary Cityscapes as Discursive Node and Character in Globalism."

It is at the proverbial third try, when the journal's mission coalesced with aims of our guest editor. Professor Seung-hoon Jeong of New York University, Abu Dhabi, whom I approached through a network of East Asian scholars (thanks principally to Jini Kim Watson of NYU) and he accepted the invitation to guest edit a special issue of the journal on global East Asian cinemas. Initially we had a single special volume/double issue for 2017 in mind, but the sheer quality and quantity of the response forced us to extend the deadline and plan for a double volume/quadruple issue (Vols. 44 & 45), for 2017-18. The principal credit for this fortunate outcome goes to Professor Jeong's powers of persuasion and perseverance: I can only...

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