Precision Strike Association.

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Advancing the art and science of precision engagement concepts and technologies is the mission of the Precision Strike Association. Community stakeholders have directed the association since its founding as the Cruise Missile Association in 1988. In 2001, PSA became an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), a non-profit educational association that represents all facets of the defense and technology industrial base and serves all military services.

PSA provides an ethical environment for government and industry leaders to:

* Facilitate communication between leaders in government and the private sector that fosters a beneficial exchange of information.

* Understand and promote national defense policy and military strategy.

* Rationalize required military capabilities with the broad range of available technology and systems.

* Discuss the investment in critical science and technology in order to further the effectiveness of precision engagement operations.

A community for companies and professionals engaged in precision strike.


As a community of professionals, the Precision Strike Association brings together military, government, academia and industry subject matter experts in an ethical, collegial environment to exchange ideas and information. Through networking opportunities and educational programs, the association and its members target the Department of Defense kill chain that supports the development of systems that find, fix, track, target, engage, and assess hard and soft targets. PSA provides a voice to the precision strike community If your company or organization plays a role in precision strike, then you have a place in the community PSA provides. As a member, your company distinguishes itself as part of a select community that plays a key role in our nation's defense. In this legal and ethical forum, stakeholders can work from a national and global perspective to advance precision engagement.

As a member, you will be part of an open forum where the voice of the precision strike community can be heard in the exchange of ideas. Here, the art and science of precision strike, including all aspects of the kill chain, is advocated and advanced. Here, important issues are socialized with a national and global perspective with key Department of Defense and industry leaders. PSA membership provides unique access to senior government officials through our events, many of which are open...

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