Precision Strike Association.




The Precision Strike Association is dedicated to advancing the science of precision guided weapons systems and to educate the public and its government leaders about the benefits of a national defense capability that has precise, standoff munitions capability against ships and land targets.

The spectrum of interests of the Precision Strike Association includes all concepts and systems related to the joint operational concept of precision engagement. This includes, but is not limited to, precision munitions, battle management systems and network-centric warfare concepts, targeting concepts and interfaces of these weapons, and BMC4 systems to delivery platforms.


* Advocate and promote awareness of the need for a strong defense capability that emphasizes the precision engagement operational concept.

* Encourage mutual understanding of precision engagement concepts and systems and collaboration in the international marketplace among industry leaders, political leaders, the media and the public.

* Advance technologies associated with precision engagement.

* Identify and study problems affecting national security that could benefit from precise weapons, develop solutions to such problems and provide those solutions to the U.S. defense establishment.

* Promote collaboration among industry, Defense Department and coalition forces to foster joint and combined solutions to improve the application of precision engagement concepts in furtherance of the national security strategy.

* Sponsor opportunities to provide greater liaison and communications throughout all elements of the international defense community.

* Provide an international forum where our members and other interested parties can collaborate.

* Provide opportunities for industry to hear and discuss the requirements of DOD and other international defense leadership.


The Precision Strike Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation...

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