Precision Strike Association.


The Precision Strike Association (PSA) is the premier professional organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of precision engagement concepts and technologies. The Association focuses on the Kill Chain by supporting the development of systems and procedures in order to find, fix, track, target, attack, and assess fixed, moving, and relocatable targets. PSA is a coalition of military and industrial subject matter experts and organized as a not for profit, tax-exempt organization.


* Understand and assist DoD in fielding transformational precision strike concepts and technologies, particularly for global strike operations.

* Improve the detection and rapid attack of moving and relocatable targets.

* Facilitate shortening the Kill Chain; in particular to find, fix, track, and target.

* Understand and support value-added reform of acquisition policies in order to reduce development time and cost.

* Understand and develop concepts for the integration of unmanned systems...

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