High precision laser tool wins sought-after checkered flag.


When world-class motorcycle racer and Austrian native Martin Gopp realized that his days as a competitor rider would be numbered, he decided to resume his former livelihood as a toolmaker. It proved to be a brilliant and farsighted move for it culminated in the Kawasaki Team, with Gopp as technical manager, winning the Supersport 600 World Championship in 2001.


Gopp since has left Kawasaki, and has established his own company, Martin Gopp Tuning. He's putting into use his engineering skills to fine-tune the racing bikes he had raced as an international competitor, and to further enhance them through product development.

His guiding objective was "precision, precision, precision."

Determined to further provide customers with the highest standards of technology available on the planet, Gopp decided to establish a very close working relationship with leading-edge, international measurement and inspection specialists, Blum-Novotest. Headquartered in southern Germany, Blum-Novotest has subsidiary companies around the world. Gopp says what attracted him in particular was Blum's laser tool measuring technology.


His operation is in his home town, Feldkirch, situated in one of Europe's most beautiful areas, the western tip of Austria, within sight of the majestic Alps. The outcome has been an outstanding example of inspirational entrepreneurship and extraordinary technological achievement not only for the good of the sport, but also in numerous other areas of high-precision engineering.

To succeed in GP1 and Superbike racing at world-class level, the technical design for machining cylinder heads, carbon fiber molds, chassis parts, steering parts for Formula 1, etc., must be provided by engineers. They must be not only dedicated to the sport but to uniquely high levels of accuracy and precision. It is to this small band of perfectionists that Gopp belongs.

Starting point

Now suitably fitted out with advanced machining equipment installed in temperature- and humidity-controlled premises, the company specializes in prototype manufacturing for an ever-increasing number of high-profile companies seeking his help with their own product development.

The Blum laser system provides a measuring accuracy of less than 5 microns for the length, radii, and wear of all the tools used and is the starting point for virtually each machining task, Gopp says.

Anyone familiar with the importance of the swirl patterns within...

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