Pre-sold long-guns.

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position::Lethal force

Brand loyalty will also enhance your sales of long guns.

In rifles and shotguns, the defensive gun buyer who gets serious about personal protection will do exactly what you've seen generations of sport shooters do with their long guns.

If they start clay bird shooting with a Browning over-and-under 12 gauge, they want identically operating Browning over-and-unders when they expand to 20 gauge and 28 gauge.

Then there's the customer who has been hunting birds with a standard-shot magazine/long-barrel Winchester pump shotgun. When he's ready for a designated homedefense scattergun, he is pre-sold on a Winchester with a short barrel and an extended magazine that runs all the way to the muzzle.

Consider the customer who came to you for a defense rifle during the Y2K buying spree, and left with a lightweight, short-barrel AR15. Now he has gotten into practical...

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