Pratchett, Terry. Only you can save mankind.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

PRATCHETT, Terry. Only you can save mankind. (The Johnny MaxwellTrilogy; 1.) HarperCollins. 224p. c1992, 2004.0-06-054185-7 $15.99. (Lib. bdg: 0-06-054186-5. $16.89.) J*

What happens when war games become all too real? When Johnny starts to play a computer game called "Only You Can Save Mankind," he unexpectedly gets a message from the alien ScreeWee he's supposed to be battling on screen: they wish to surrender, it seems. The British 12-year-old gradually gets drawn into their reality (how this works is a bit murky) and their desperate attempt to survive, aided by a clever girl and by his friends, an entertainingly varied group of misfits. Set against the backdrop of the first Gulf War and the "Trying Times" Johnny is experiencing at home with his squabbling, neglectful parents, this is a suspenseful and sardonically funny tale by a master of fantasy (known for...

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