Powered-up pocket pistol: the Taurus 24/7 Gen 2 compact in .40 S&W hits hard.

Author:Cumpston, Mike

Taurus is a major player in the North American Arms industry. The Brazilian company is able to field high quality pistols and revolvers at competitive prices due to inexpensive labor, total in-house production of parts and a favorable trade and currency balance. Taurus' competent innovative development has inspired major domestic manufacturers to copy a number of the designs and the current level of quality assurance is second to none.

Consumers are particularly receptive when compact, major caliber handguns are dead-reliable, shooter-friendly, retail reasonably low, and are often found on sale. Taurus's comprehensive selection of striker-fired pistols with polymer frames meets the criteria handily. The 24/7 family, promoted as personal protection arms for all times and seasons has now, in its second generation, arrived at the apex of development within the Taurus fine up. They are multi-mode totally ambidextrous arms available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, ranging from full-sized service pistols to compact models.

Our 24/7 Compact with its attractive appearance and sterling handling qualities is more than just another plastic pistol. It encompasses a variety of safe-carry options. Inserting the magazine and chambering a round sets the pistol in double-action mode. The DA trigger pull on our sample is 9 pounds, 10 ounces, with 1 inch of trigger travel. The first double-action shot cocks the striker and reduces trigger weight to 8 pounds, 12 ounces, with 1/2-inch of travel. Unlike others in its class, the 24/7 has double-strike capability should a primer prove recalcitrant.

In loading, put in a magazine and rack one into the chamber. The 24/7 goes right back to double-action-trigger. Firing it cocks the striker and the trigger resets at about half the distance, and fires single action with 0.5-inch less travel and a pound off the pull-weight. The frame-mounted safety immobilizes the slide and functions in the same manner as traditional Browning-designed SA pistols. The thump safety also serves as a decocker. The thumb safety is very positive and I did not encounter any tendency to accidentally push it down into the de-cock mode. The addition of a center-trigger-swiveling frame-block safety working in concert with the relatively long and heavy SA pull means the 24/7 is no more or less safe than other pistols using this as the primary carry mode. The 24/7 is drop-safe by virtue of a passive trigger-actuated striker block. There is also a...

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