Power of agriculture and wind.

Position:REGIONAL REPORT - Eastern Plains - Brief article

Locals are eager to remind others that the Eastern Plains offer wide-open spaces for expansion and an important source of food and agricultural production.

"One of the perceptions that people have is that all areas of the Eastern Plains are dying, and there in constant out-migration," says Linker-Nation, who grew up on a farm in Brush. "There are pockets of migrations and economic struggles, so the very successful pockets are easy to overlook."

Wind power is a notable player on the Eastern Plains, as the regional home to more than 98 percent of that energy source generated in Colorado, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Multiple phases of installations have created 19 wind farms and 1,658 turbines in Eastern Colorado, largely built since 2007. That translates to 2,546 megawatts of power, or enough electricity for 660,000 average...

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