POWER LEADERSHIP: NRG's CEO, Mauricio Gutierrez, is committed to the customer and he discusses why Boards should also commit.

Latino Leaders: In your experience, what are the main factors for a CEO, like you, to have a 100% effective Board of Directors?

Mauricio Gutierrez: First and foremost, accountability and a shared passion for the mission of the organization are foundational traits. Many candidates will have the skills or specialties necessary for board leadership, but what sets boards apart is a demonstrated commitment to governing in a way that creates long-term value for all of the company's stakeholders.

LL: What is the benefit of having more diverse and inclusive Boards?

MG: To me, a homogenous board can be a missed opportunity. I recently read that if the US Latino population were considered as an independent economy, it would rank as the 8th largest economy in the world. So as we become a business centered on understanding and catering to our customers, diversity and inclusion throughout the organization is critical.

We recognize that the various perspectives and backgrounds that stem from a diverse and inclusive...

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