Potential Pitfalls of Collaboration, Where to Be Wary

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Potential Pitfalls
of Collaboration—
Where to Be Wary
In this book, we want to paint a realistic picture of collabo-
ration tools. Without question, the promise of collaboration
using technology is great. Excellent tools already exist, and
new and better tools always seem to be just around the corner.
However, we do not see collaboration tools only through rose-
tinted glasses.
The truth is, the history of using advanced technologies
in the practice of law is the story of more failures and so-so
results than it is a list of resounding successes that people try
to imitate. Many technology projects are overhyped and, in a
classic recipe for failure, overpromised and under-delivered.
Firms sometimes boast of modest successes, but nothing
compared to what was promised. Will this new generation of
collaboration tools and platforms be any different?
In our view, yes. In large part, that is because the underly-
ing systems and collaborative processes are already in place.
People in different geographic areas are accustomed to work-
ing together on documents. Track Changes is routinely used in
documents exchanged by email. People use a number of social
media platforms on a daily basis. The focus on practical tools
that reflect the ways lawyers already work, combined with the
industry’s experience and learning in knowledge management,
will benefit vendors and lawyers and find their way into prod-
ucts and services.
Perhaps most important, we will also see successes
because the past has trained lawyers to take a realistic and

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