Pot CaLls Kettle, "B Lack".

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MEXICAN PRESIDENT ERNESTO ZEDILLO delivered a diplomatic disaster at the IberoAmerican presidential summit recently held in Havana Zedillo railed against Cuba's oneparty system, offending an ally of more than 40 years, trampling over Mexico's long-held tradition of non-interventionism and conveniently ignoring the Institutional Revolutionary Party's 70-year reign in Mexico. Highlights:

"There cannot be sovereign nations without men and women who can fully exercise their essential freedoms."

-- Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo on Cuban democracy (Associated Press).

"We do not feel offended."

-- Cuban Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alejondro Gonzolez (Reuters).

"We know what our people think, We have scientific methods to know their opinions."

-- Cuban President Fidel Castro (Chicago Tribune).

"it's obvious we are in the presence of something unprecedented."

-- Cuban dissident leader Elizardo Sanchez San tacruz (St. Petersburg Times)

"We are starting to change a long tradition of hypocrisy and double-speak by the Mexican government."

-- Mexican historian...

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