Position Yourself for Success.

Author:Roach, Betsi
Position::LMA NEWS

A brand oftentimes has little to do with its individual features. Rather, a brand is the promise of what will be delivered or experienced.

Membership with LMA, for instance, has numerous features (e.g., discounts to national and regional events), but the real value of membership comes from having access to countless resources, people and information to help position you as the trusted, strategic advisor in your firm. It is through continued focus on professional development that you are able to position yourself for success, but also better position the value of marketing and business development in your firm to get that coveted seat at the table.

As you start to establish your professional development goals for 2018, I encourage you to identify one or two areas where you will personally derive the most value. This might be planning for a new experience or taking advantage of a learning opportunity where you are lacking in depth or focus. With more than 30 webinars offered per year, online learning might be the first step to achieve your professional...

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