Political bones.

Author:Peters, Charles
Position:TILTING at windmills - Lois Lerner - Brief article

If I haven't convinced you about the carelessness of the reporting on these recent "scandals," try these examples. The Post's Chris Cillizza described Lois Lerner, the IRS official who first made public that agency's scrutiny of Tea Party groups, as "living up to every negative stereotype of a federal worker." Ms. Lerner may not be blameless, but when Elizabeth Williamson of the Journal took the trouble to ask people who had worked with Lerner about her, they described her as "smart, talented," and "without a political bone in her body."

As for the Rosen and AP investigations, Nicholas Kristof, as a guest on CNN's Fareed Zakaria show, spoke of the chilling effect on whistle-blowers, echoing dozens of commentators on other programs. Yet, neither case involved a whistle-blower. They both involved disclosing secrets that had nothing...

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