Policy diagnostics for Pakistan’s water security challenge

Published date01 May 2019
Date01 May 2019
wileyonlinelibrary.com/journal/wwp2 World Water Policy. 2019;5:8–14.
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DOI: 10.1002/wwp2.12006
Policy diagnostics for Pakistan’s water security
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UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for
Asia and the Pacific, Jakarta, Indonesia
Shahbaz Khan, UNESCO Regional Science
Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, Jakarta,
Email: S.Khan@unesco.org
Pakistan is a country already facing water shortages for
urban as well as rural water uses. A number of compre-
hensive water sector reports, a climate change policy, and
a national water policy exist, but implementation remains
limited due to financial, political, and institutional chal-
lenges. The Indus river basin water system is the backbone
of the water security in Pakistan and is suffering structural
and nonstructural issues of adequate water storage, timely
water conveyance, efficient water distribution, and appro-
priate consumptive use challenges. Inspirational integrated
approaches such as integrated water resources management
could not be implemented due to national and provincial
mandates on the management of surface and ground waters
and associated equitable distribution of costs and benefits
among stakeholders. This paper presents an overview of the
challenges and possible policy options through a diagnos-
tic water balance analysis considering population, cropping
patterns, system efficiencies, and storage options.
climate responsive, efficiency, Indus storage, irrigation, SDGs, water
balance diagnostics
Pakistan is a country characterized by great landscape variations from snow‐covered northern moun-
tains to irrigated floodplains of Indus, vast coastal lands and extremely dry desserts of the Balochistan

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