Polak, Monique. Home Invasion.

Author:Tibbetts, Sally
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

POLAK, Monique. Home invasion. Orca, Soundings. 105p. c2005. 1-55143-482-2. $795, JS

Josh is going through a lot of changes. His mother has married a spacey artist named Clay; Josh is unimpressed by Clay's looks (He's got chipmunk cheeks and this weird cowlick that looks like a rhino's horn") and even less by his humor. What's worse is that Clay calls him "Kiddo"--what's that all about? Josh longs for a normal family and ignores Clay. Instead, he spends a great deal of time walking around town and looking into the lighted windows of houses at night. One day he spots a set of keys left in a front door and instead of returning the keys he uses the opportunity to go into the house and secretly watch the people. He finds himself doing this more often--like an addiction, he feels driven to see how other families are...

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