Planet Amazon II.

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Planet Amazon II

Crystal Dawn

Xlibris Corporation

1663 South Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161

9781483647838, $19.99, 224 pp.,

Synopsis: Others from Earth join Andrea in the Gemini galaxy. Earth seems determined to have a team working toward their own ends, one way or the other. Will the new arrivals cause problems for Andrea and her new home or disappoint Earth and aid Andrea? What will they find as they head out into the galaxy, meet new races, and visit other planets? Will Andrea find she shares a special chemistry with men of other planets, and how will she deal with it if she does? Andrea continues to touch lives and positively influence others as she continues progress on Amazon, Gallegos, and other planets in the Gemini galaxy. Excerpt from chapter 7 from Andrea's viewpoint: We were there and I looked at a planet that some might say had a rosy glow, but to me it...

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