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Certificate in Canadian Benefit Plans

Those employed by U.S. companies with affiliates in Canada will gain practical and useful information about the Canadian pensions and benefits landscape, human resources and compensation. Specific topics include an overview of the Canadian business environment, Canadian drug benefit practices, employment law and legislation, and the human rights environment.

October 1-3, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

64th Annual Employee Benefits Conference

For benefit plan trustees and administrators and professionals who work in the field of employee benefits, the Annual Conference is the year's premier educational event. Attendees will receive objective, timely and relevant information on the critical issues impacting their funds today. They'll hear inspiring keynote speakers and have a chance to talk face-to-face with more than 200 service providers in the exhibit hall. Attendees will learn from experts, apply concepts with small-group discussions and workshops, and engage with peers.

October 14-17,2018

New Orleans, Louisiana

Collection Procedures Institute

Trustees, payroll auditors, collection coordinators and other professionals will receive the information they need to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to collect benefit payments. Attendees will learn about collection strategies and trends from experts and practitioners, gain an understanding of the collection process and hear how recent legal decisions impact their plans. Networking and interactive sessions will allow attendees a chance to share successes and failures and act as judges in unique collections cases.

November 12-13,2018

Phoenix, Arizona

Institute for Apprenticeship, Training and Education Programs

The institute provides education on effective trust fund management and best practices in running U.S. and Canadian apprenticeship programs. Topics include recruitment and retention, adult learning and fiduciary responsibility. The institute is designed specifically for those involved in training and education funds, including trustees, training trust fund members, union/employer association representatives, administrative staff, training directors, instructors, plan professionals, joint apprenticeship and training committee (JATC) members, public employees and others who provide services to training and education funds.

January 14-16,2019

Miami, Florida...

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