O pioneers!(Works in Progress) (Seasteading Institute ) (Brief article)

Author:Kean, Sam

The Seasteading Institute plans to build 10,000-square-foot floating platforms upon which pioneers can launch their own autonomous states on the high seas. Institute co-founders Wayne Gramlich and Patri Friedman believe that seasteading--modeled after homesteading--will let those who favor small government experiment with different governing styles, as in the days of colonial America.

A seastead resembles a dumbbell standing en pointe: a platform with living quarters elevated high above the waves, connected through a stem to a steadying ballast far below the water's surface. Seasteads could dock together and float in tandem, forming futuristic Venices, or they could operate independently. Windmills could provide power, and inhabitants could travel and transport goods between seasteads...

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