These pillows are made for dreaming: Mieko Flynn shares how you can use sacred herbs to help have a sacred sleep.

Author:Flynn, Mieko A.

The creation of herbal dream pillows is a beautiful Wise Woman tradition that is typically taught orally to open the source of healing for all. The teachings originated with women healers of old Europe who practiced herbal medicine through primary care and midwifery, and who were aware of the physical uses of plants to heal the human spirit.

The potency and purpose of a dream pillow lasts about three months (once done with the old dream pillow, give the herbs back to the earth by burying, burning or composting). They can be made at any point throughout the year when needed, but it's a great idea to make them as the seasons change and old intentions become new intentions. You can also give them as gifts, but you need to know what the receiver wants so appropriate intentions can be placed. This can be tricky, so it's usually best to make your own.

Dream pillows are perfect for those who need pleasant, restful, restorative dreams and sleep; those who want to explore the dream realm and get answers; those who have horrible, disturbing, fearful dreams; and those who are restless, irritated and stressed, especially before going to bed.

Sound like you? Then get ready to create your pillow by setting up a quiet space; maybe smudge yourself, light some candles, gather blankets and cushions for coziness and maybe make a cup of tea to keep you company.

Materials (for one dream pillow): intention, fabric, needle, thread, scissors, herbs (see sidebar below for suggestions) and medium size bowl

To make the pillowcase, find any tight-knit cotton fabric of your choice. From the beginning, think about what you hope the pillow will do for you, and place that thought and intention into every cut you make. For example, your desired outcome could be remembering your dreams or receiving guidance in your dreams. Cut the fabric in a square of about six inches by six inches. Fold it in half so that the design is on the inside; this makes the two sides of the pillowcase. Sew two sides, leaving one side open to stuff the herbs. Continue each stitch with your intention or intentions. For more patterns, you can also cut two different pieces of fabric three inches by six inches and align the design sides toward each other, again remembering to place intention while cutting and sewing three sides. Flip the pillowcase inside out, and you're ready to stuff.


To make the herbal stuffing, combine up to five different herbs in a medium size bowl. The...

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