Pike, Christopher. Alosha.

Author:Hoy, Sherry
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

PIKE, Christopher. Alosha. Tor. 314p. c2004. 0765-34960-4. $6.99. JS

Thirteen-year-old Ali Warner thinks she is a typical teenager in small-town Breakwater. Her mother was killed on Ali's 12th birthday and her long-distance trucker father is seldom home. While protesting the logging of a nearby forest, she is attacked by what she thinks is Bigfoot: she and her friends set out to prove it. Ali soon learns that she is the "reincarnation" of the fairy queen Geea and must climb the 14,000 feet to the top of nearby Pete's Peak to claim the Yanti, a magic gate Lord Vak, king of the elves, and Lord Balar, king of the dwarves, plan to use to invade human Earth. Ali and her friends face many challenges on the way to the top: they befriend a troll named Farble and a leprechaun named Paddy. Ali must deal with Karl Tanner/Drugle, a traitorous former advisor...

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