Pierce v. Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corr.

PositionViolation of civil rights by Ohio. Department of Rehabilitation and Correction - Brief Article

U.S. District Court



Pierce v. Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corr., 284 F.Supp.2d 811 (N.D.Ohio 2003). Correctional officers brought a [section] 1983 action against a corrections department, challenging personnel strip search policies and alleging breach of a settlement agreement in a prior case. The district court dismissed the action. The court found that some of the officers had standing to bring the action, but that the officers' union lacked standing to pursue damages for its members' injuries, although it retained standing to seek declaratory relief. The court held that the imposition of a reasonable suspicion standard for the strip searches balanced the officers' Fourth Amendment interests with the government's interest in keeping contraband out of prisons. Under the reasonable suspicion standard, strip searches of prison employees must be articulable, particularized, and individualized, and...

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