Pierce, Tamora. Melting stones.

Author:Chancellor, Cara
Position::Brief article - Book review

PIERCE, Tamora. Melting stones. (Circle of Magic.) Scholastic. 312p. c2008. 978-0-545-05264-1. $17.99. JS

Stone mage Evumeimei, better known as Evvy, knew she should have tried harder to get out of this trip. She dislikes foreigners, she dislikes the sea, and she especially dislikes water mage Myrrhtide. Even if she is accompanied by her teacher Rosethorn and her best friend Luvo--a "talking rock" who is actually the animate heart of a mountain--traveling to Starns Island to discover what's poisoning its plants and lakes is not her idea of fun. Soon after arriving, though, Evvy encounters a flow of stone magic unlike any she or Luvo has ever felt. She can't resist trying to follow the dangerous power to its source, but what she discovers may spell disaster for her, her friends...

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