Piece of My Heart.

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***1/2 Piece of My Heart A Novel of Suspense By Peter Robinson It's only rock and roll.

Peter Robinson's recurring character Chief Inspector Alan Banks investigates the murder of Nick Barber, a music journalist working on an expose of the classic rock band Mad Hatters (a fictitious cross between Spinal Tap and Pink Floyd). That present-day investigation parallels a flashback to 1969, when Stanley Chadwick, Banks's then-counterpart in the force and a critic of the '60s counterculture, investigates the homicide of a young woman during the Brimleigh Festival (think Woodstock). The threads link across time, and the contrast between the social attitudes and the detective styles of Banks and Chadwick offers a study of two different eras.

Morrow. 336 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 006054435X

Plain Dealer ****

"Piece of My Heart is much more than just another clever British mystery.... Robinson's book is a thrilling ... trip back in time." LAURA DEMARCO

New York Times ****

"Robinson expertly brings his little postage stamp of native soil to life.... Chief Inspector Banks remains a flawed but decent man, the type of person encountered in real life commonly enough, but rarely seen in fiction." JIM WINDOLF

South FL Sun-Sentinel ****

"Robinson's novels take insightful looks at what happens to people and the times when violence enters the picture.... Piece of My Heart is a highlight of 2006." OLINE H. COGDILL

Miami Herald ***1/2

"The '60s investigation suffers slightly when set against the modern-day mystery, mostly because we've formed a deep attachment to the likable Banks.... But Robinson paints...

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