A Picture's Worth.

Author:Gardner, Diane
Position:Book review

Andy Bondy (author), Lori Frost (author), Andy Bondy (author), Lori Frost (author); A PICTURE'S WORTH; Woodbine House, Woodbine House (Nonfiction: Family & Relationships) $19.95 ISBN: 9781606130155

Byline: Diane Gardner

A child literally bangs her head against a wall in frustration. She wants something, but can't seem to tell anyone what it is. Her mother gently but firmly pulls her into her arms to protect her little girl as her heart aches. It's not an unheard of scene in the autism community. And it's one that strengthens anew a parent's resolve to find a way to better communicate with their child who has autism.

In their book A Picture's Worth, Dr. Andy Bondy and Lori Frost explain the Picture Exchange Communication System, which assists children with autism in sharing their thoughts and needs. Better communication promotes richer relationships for everyone, as well as greater safety and increased comfort for the child. Bondy and Frost offer parents (and teachers and therapists) realistic hope that better communication may be possible as well as practical advice for how to achieve that goal.

The authors detail the communication system they created, in which children use pictures to help them communicate. They share how and when to train a child in this system. They explain the training process, how to evaluate results, and how to gradually increase the richness of the communication. As they do so, they are hopeful, but clear and realistic about expectations for...

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