Pet supplies.


Pets are big business all over the world, and nowhere more so than in Europe. According to an undated posting on the U. S. Commercial service website, the total market for the European pet supplies in 2005 was us$17.5-billion.

Experience differs widely from country to country.

In Germany, for example, the total market (food and accessories) was estimated at us$4.3-billion for 2006 with a growth rate of from 3 to 5 percent per year for the near term. The major segments of the German market are pet food (65 percent), pet supplies and accessories (25 percent) and the cost of purchasing the pets themselves (10 percent).

Estimates for 2006 were calculated by Market: Europe based on 2001 sales statistics provided by PET in Europe (Ettlingen, Germany) and growth rates provided by the U. S. Commercial Service.

The pet population of Germany is high and growing. There are an estimated 7.3-million cats, 5.1-million dogs, 4.5-million birds, 5.9 million other small animals, and 10-million tropical fish. Pet households in Germany were estimated at 46 percent of all households.

By contrast, the market for pet food and accessories in France is growing more slowly. In 2006, the pet supplies market is likely to grow only 0.1 percent to us$4.1-billion.

When PET in Europe looked at sales by pet group in France, it found that sales in the two major groups-cats and dogs-had declined...

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