Personalized health care is in our DNA.


When David Perry was named chief marketing officer of University of Utah Health Care and Health Sciences in summer 2015, his task was clear: create a comprehensive strategy for developing and growing the institution's reputation. Nearly two years later, a new name, logo and identity are being unveiled.

Say hello to University of Utah Health--a title that brings together health care (hospitals and clinics), health sciences (the medical school, nursing college, etc.), and research.

"It's all about integration--integrating the clinical, research and education domains of our institution to deliver greater value to patients and other key stakeholders," Perry said. "The change reflects the need to communicate the full spectrum of what we provide from wellness to cancer care. Simplifying our name from health sciences and health care to 'health' is more patient-focused than 'us-focused' and more accurately reflects our end goal in all that we do."

By utilizing the university's master brand--the "block U"--the new U of U Health logo, which features a DNA double helix inside the well-known red, capital U, intends to illustrate the university's leadership role in science and genetics while emphasizing its health programs are an integral part of the U rather than a separate entity.

"What I've noticed is that there's so much pride in the University of Utah, and I think this new logo with the block U will tap into that strong community feeling," Perry said.

"The logo also highlights our commitment to treat each patient, student, faculty and staff member as a unique...

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