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Author:Tanner, Don
Position:Promoting your brand helps you stand out from competitors - Brief Article

Today's business world is ultra-competitive. When it comes to marketing your business, perhaps the greatest challenge is: How to stand out from the competition and stand out to potential clients.

The first key in achieving "top of mind awareness" is knowing thyself--your company and the product or expertise you're trying sell. What makes your product different? Unique? Better?

The second key is knowing your audience--who they are, what's important to them, how your product or expertise can benefit them.

From there, you can begin to develop the foundation for an effective marketing plan, including:

* Brand/image development--Your key messages and themes; what your product stands for, what sets it apart, how it is better.

* Identifying target audiences--Who specifically are potential consumers for your products or services?

* Reaching target audiences--What are the best ways in which to deliver your key messages to the public? Public relations? Advertising? Direct...

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