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Author:Moskal, William F.
Position:Tips for helping teams work at peak efficiency

My "Ten Demandments" for helping work teams perform at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness:

  1. Each team has its own way of making decisions and solving problems. Treat each of these unique units with flexibility and sensitivity to their selected processes.

  2. Teamwork is about people. Quality and productivity are the by-products of people working together.

  3. Without structure there is no freedom. Teams need structure to produce results. Design a results framework with them.

  4. If you own it--you take care of it. Don't force team members to work solely on your ideas and your preferred outcomes.

  5. Cross-fertilization will create a seamless team. Help team members learn the tools and the skills that other team members possess.

  6. Reward and recognize teams first and stars second. If you don't reward/recognize teams, then that behavior will extinguish itself.

  7. When you jerk the socks on the clothesline the underwear jumps. Team members need to be aware that no decision is isolated.

  8. There are no obstacles, only NEW opportunities. The true test of team leadership is the ability to move members to the point that they view barriers as challenges and new opportunities.

  9. People panic in herds, and recover one by one. This quote from a 19th century author underscores the fear that people have regarding change of any sort.

  10. Trust requires predictability and the provision of benefit. The long-term success of a team will depend upon its willingness to trust one other and its leader.

Benefits and perks

* Flexibility--Employees are increasingly valuing part-time options, telecommuting opportunities and other non-traditional arrangements that help them balance family life with long working hours.

* Extras--Dry cleaning services, hot meals to go, child care, flu shots, investor education--little things that make employees feel pampered.

* Money--Early vesting opportunities, higher employer matches in 401(k)...

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