Perez, N.A. Breaker.

Author:Remick, Lynne
Position:Book Review - Brief Article

Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, Golden Triangle Books. 204p. c1988; 0-8229-5778-7. $9.95. J

When Pat McFarlane's father dies in a tragic cave-in, his family breaks into pieces. Each member must make sacrifices in effort to survive. Pat places his dreams on hold, quits school and shovels coal as a "breaker." Sister Annie leaves school to work under difficult conditions as a maid. Pat's fragile older brother Cal, forced by circumstances to work in the mines, disappears without a trace. Pat's mother turns to the attentions of a Polish immigrant, though his father has not even been dead a year. Even with such fervent attempts to survive, lire remains precarious for the McFarlanes. Conditions at the mine prove extremely hazardous. Pat speaks up and suffers at his...

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