Latin percussion's new Brazilian line of percussion instruments.

Author:Mangual, Rudy
Position:Product Reviews

LP3020 LP Rio Brazilian Wood Surdo with Legs, 22" x 20" LP3120 LP Rio Brazilian Aluminum Surdo with Legs, 22" x 20" LP3112 LP Rio Brazilian Aluminum Repinique, 12" x 12" LP3110 LP Rio Brazilian Aluminum Repinique, 10" x 12"

While most Brazilian music combines two outstanding elements-the Portuguese-derived, intense level of poetry in the song lyrics with the vibrant palette of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, it is the latter quality that enlivens and energizes most Brazilian genres and styles, from samba to coco to bossa nova. Today, Brazilian rhythms are an integral part of all international repertoires, especially in the realms of jazz and popular music. Hence, Brazilian percussion instruments are an essential element in the arsenals of music-makers everywhere. This summer season, Latin Percussion (LP) unveiled its new line of Brazilian percussion instruments.


LP3020 LP Rio Brazilian Wood Surdo

In the world of Brazilian music, there are two completely different sounds in reference to their drumming schools: Rio de Janeiro (carioca) and Bahia. Traditionally, Rio's drum troupes like to use animal hide heads on their normally deeper surdo drums, while Bahia's percussionists opt for plastic heads (such as white nylon, clear polyester, and napa), on their more shallow, higher tuned drums. LP opted for the authenticity of Rio's models for their new line of drums, while using plastic heads on both of their surdos. The 20" diameter Rio Brazilian Wood Surdo is an elegant wood-cylinder (22" deep) drum, which produces warm and deep bass sounds, either struck open or muted. Its drum-key tunable head assembly includes ten tuning lugs for the ultimate and precise tunability of the instrument. Also notable is the low-profile, curved headrim, which is extremely comfortable to play, while adding strength to the entire drum assembly. The three-leg assembly is fully adjustable, grounding the instrument to any drum or percussion setup. While test-driving the Wood Surdo in a recording studio environment, I found it to be commendable in terms of...

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