Pennebaker, Ruth. Both sides now.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Book Review - Brief Article

Random House, Laurel-Leaf. 202p. c2000. 0-440-22933-2. $5.50. JS

To quote KLIATT's May 2000 review of the hardcover edition:

Liza, an ambitious high school sophomore in Austin, TX, has always prided herself on her maturity and her positive outlook. But now Liza is trying desperately to hold it together while everything in her world is falling apart. Her mother, who has had breast cancer, is diagnosed with a new tumor and has to have a bilateral mastectomy; her father depends on Liza to be upbeat and supportive, not weepy like her young sister; her grandfather, come to help out, seems to be losing his mind; and she's wrecked the driver's ed car. Acting strong in the face of all she has to contend with is taking its toll, and one night Liza lets down her guard and gets drunk with her new boyfriend, frightening herself badly with her loss of control (there's no sex, though). Meanwhile, Liza's mother is tired of putting on a brave face; in italicized...

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