Pendleton, Thomas. Mason.

Author:Paldino, Lorie
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

PENDLETON, Thomas. Mason. HarperCollins. 247p. c2008. 978-0-06-117736-1. $8.99. S A

Mason is "special"--in so many ways. Still a child in a teenager's body, Mason has a quiet yet cheerful demeanor that only brings him ridicule and isolation in school and torment from a malicious brother at home. Mason's brother Gene is warped. As a child, he used to tare perverse pleasure in torturing and mutilating small animals. Now, as a teenager, Gone wields his power by running a drug ring and dealing out punishments via his cronies. When people anger him, Gone turns to torturing Mason in private, as he once did his animals. The only person who offers a show of friendship to Mason is a childhood friend named Rene. Rene is a typical high school girl: she feels compassion for Mason yet is embarrassed to be seen with him. She overcomes that emotion to reach out to Mason in his loneliness. It is only when Rene becomes the victim of...

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