de la Pena, Matt. Mexican white boy.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief article - Book review

de la PENA, Matt. Mexican white boy. Random House, Delacorte. 256p. c2008. 978-0-385-73310-6. $15.99. (Lib. bdg: 978-0-385-90329-5. $18.99.) SA *

Half-Mexican, half-white, Danny feels he's too brown to fit in at his snooty San Diego prep school, but when he goes to spend the summer with his sassy cousin Sofia and his father's family in old-town National City, he feels too pale. There's this pretty girl there, but she speaks very little English. Danny doesn't speak Spanish, and so he tries to talk as little as possible; and he cuts himself, because often only pain feels real to him. He's intimidated at first by the neighborhood kids, especially tough-talking Uno, who's half-African American and half-Mexican. Uno badly wants to make some money...

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