Peace Center in Greenville plans major renovation for music.

The Peace Center today announced plans to make Greenville a bigger dot on the map of music cities.

Peace Center President and CEO Megan Riegel unveiled a major renovation project designed to diversify Greenville's live music scene by diversifying possible venues and accommodation of musical artists. Called AMP, for A Music Project, the plan calls for a new purpose for three buildings on the Peace Center campus: a flat floor music club, an intimate listening room, a podcast and recording studio, and artist dorms.

The intent of the $36 million project is to deliver a larger variety of live music options in Greenville. By repurposing underused real estate and providing new mission-centric programming, the Peace Center can continue to meet the needs of the community and help Greenville become a more vibrant music town, Riegel said.

"We've listened carefully to what our community says it wants regarding live entertainment," Riegel said in the announcement. "These new venues will complete the circle of our live music scene and attract a whole new range of artists and visitors to Greenville. People have been waiting for this for a long time."

She said AMP is an important step in fulfilling the Peace Center's central vision to build the local music scene, create connections and expand the reach of the performing arts in the South.

"AMP is the Peace Center's answer to the Upstate's hunger for more live music," Riegel said in a news release. "By repurposing existing real estate assets on our campus into mission-centric music venues, we will broaden the Peace Center's scope of live entertainment offerings and allow more people than ever before to experience the arts."

Once complete, the project will effectively achieve the Peace Center's longstanding goal of realizing a fully-functioning, 10-venue arts and entertainment campus by or before 2030.

Building designs for AMP were developed by Greenville architecture firm Craig, Gaulden, Davis with landscape design from the Greenville studio of MKSK. CGD designed the original Peace Center campus that opened in 1990 and has extensive renovation design experience with historic buildings, a primary reason they were chosen for AMP, the news release said.

Construction is expected to begin in February 2023 and is estimated for completion in late 2024.

The five projects that make up AMP are:

The Mockingbird

A nod to Nashville's famed Bluebird Caf, The Mockingbird will be a listening room inside the historic...

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