PDI 2017 Community Service Project--San Diego Fisher House.

Author:Hill, Frances

This year for the San Diego PDI 2017 community service project, the San Diego Chapter reached out to the San Diego Fisher House to help with their landscaping needs. On 30 May 2017,13 volunteers (including myself) loaded up into a bus at 1230 to make our way to the Fisher House grounds at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. The Fisher House provides a "home away from home" in times of medical crisis for our nation's heroes and their families.

The landscaping project was an opportunity for us to revitalize the median in front of Fisher House #2 family check-in. The project involved removing existing patches of grass and dying rose bushes, leveling the soil, putting down weed control, and planting drought tolerant plants, New Zealand flax and bird of paradise. We then covered the median with decorative rocks to match the landscaping in front of Fisher House #1. The drought tolerant plants, weed control, and rocks will enable the Fisher House staff to easily maintain the median.

Through dedication and hard work, we managed to complete our project an hour ahead of schedule. It was a fulfilling afternoon of enhancing the landscape that welcomes the military families to the Fisher House. It was a pleasure working with and getting to know the community service project volunteers. Our efforts added curb appeal to the Fisher House making it feel like a "home away from home."

On behalf of the PDI 2017 San Diego Philanthropy team, I'd like to thank everyone that volunteered with me: Brenda Meyer, 2017 PDI Co-chair/Vice President San Diego Chapter; Edgar DeGuzman, community service project manager, San Diego Chapter; James Yanushka, San Diego Chapter; Deborah Lombardi, Pikes Peak Chapter; Anthony Holmes, Tampa Bay Chapter; Jim Ashworth; Julie Ashworth; Mary Sparks; Katharine Johnson; Melinda Busansky; and Lorin Venable.

I especially want to thank Edgar DeGuzman, community service project manager, who was the project planner and designer. He arrived at 0600 prepping the site for the volunteers to complete the project on time. He will continue to visit the Fisher House weekly ensuring the plants longevity. Edgar, thank you so much for your support, dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

A special thanks to Tiana Babcock, the San Diego Fisher House Assistant Manager, a gracious and welcoming...

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