PDAs on a budget.

Position::Technology - Palm m125, Sony Clie PEG-S360, Handspring Visor Edge - Brief Article

Personal Data Assistants, or PDAs, come in all shapes, sizes, colors and, of course, prices. Three budget PDAs, retailing for under $200, are excellent buys. Each runs on the Palm operating system, has a monochrome screen and a USB connection for synching with a PC or Mac.

* Palm m125: Has 8Mb of memory, and you can add additional memory with the m125's expansion slot. The m125 has a fun, colorful look to it, as opposed to the buttoned-down metallic appearance of the other two PDAs. Weighs 5.31 ounces. $149.99*

* Sony Clie PEG-S360: Has 16Mb memory, weighs in at a nimble 4.27 ounces. Very sleek. The Clie has a jog dial on its side, making navigation easier. Uses Sony memory sticks for additional storage. $179.99 *


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