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PCB West Conference Planner BEST VALUE! 3-day Technical Conference Pass Your choice of any Tue, Wed, Thur courses and a copy of conference proceedings. Select from the courses below. 1-day Technical Conference Pass Choose One Day Only: Tues. (September 9). Wed. (September 10) OR Thursday (September 11) Course Selection Day Time 1. Ask the Flexperts Tues 9-11 am 2. Grounding to Control Noise Tues 9-12:30 pm and EMI 3. Designing the Mobile Tues 9-12:30 pm Platform Memory Interfaces (MPMI): LPDDR3, M-PCIe & U 4. PCB Design Fundamentals for Tues 9-12:30 pm Embedding Passive and Active Components 5. Basics of PCB Design Tues 9-5 pm 6. Design for High Reliability Tues 9-5 pm Fabrication and Assembly 7. IMS--Getting the Heat Out Tues 11-12 pm Streamline Lunch-n-Learn (only Tues 12:00-1:OOpm for 3 day and Tues Pass attendees) 8. A Comparison of the Tues 1-2 pm Manufacturability of Laminates for High-Speed Digital Application 9. BGA Breakout & Routing Tues 1-3 pm Update 10. Skin Effect, Dielectric Tues 1-3 pm Losses and Lossy Transmission Lines 11. Power Integrity Primer for Tues 1-3 pm PCB Designers 12. New Developments in ENIG Tues 2-3 pm and ENEPIG 13. Rigid-Flex PCBs Tues 3-4 pm 14. Setting Up or Fixing Your Tues 3-4 pm Component Library 15. Embedded Passives Use in Tues 3-5 pm MEMs, Sensors and Wearable Electronics 16. Switch Mode Power Supply Tues 3-5 pm Layout 17. Design for Flex Tues 4-5 pm Exhibits Open Wed 10:00-6:00pm 18. Electromagnetic Fields and Wed 9-10 am Signal Integrity 19. Constraint Driven Power Wed 9-10 am Integrity 20. Managing Power and Wed 9-11 am Connections for a Successful FPGA Layout 21. PCB Design Techniques to Wed 9-11 am Improve ESD Robustness 22. Basics of PCB Fabrication Wed 9-12 pm 23. The Science of PCB Wed 9-12 pm Stack-ups 24. EMI Shielding and Signal Wed 10-11 am Integrity of FPC 25. Routing in the 3D World Wed 11-12 pm 26. Bottom Terminated Wed 11-12 pm Components 27. Power Distribution Made Wed 11-12 pm Easy Lunch on Exhibit Floor Wed 12:00-1:00pm sponsored by Sierra Circuits 28. Integration of ECAD Data Wed 1-2 pm into PLM Systems 29. Design for High-Speed: When Wed 1-2 pm to Use Which Type of Simulation 30.Technology, Reliabiity and Wed 1-3 pm Advantages of HDI Manufacturing 31. Design for High-Reliability Wed 1-3 pm Assembly 32. Vias and Their Effects on Wed 1-4:30 pm High-Speed Signals 33. Creating Routing Channels Wed 1-4:30 pm 34. Redefining the Engineering Wed 2-3 pm Sourcing Process 35. Electromagnetic...

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