Payroll: Four key payroll considerations for CPA firms.

Author:Hammond, Tom

Providing payroll services that comply with ever-changing regulations and meet evolving employee and employer demands is no easy task. Employers are seeking to turn payroll data into strategic insights, and employees are expecting flexibility and ease of use.

In this Q&A, Tom Hammond, vice president, Corporate Strategy and Product Management for Paychex Inc., discusses common payroll considerations for CPA firms.

  1. What should a CPA firm look for from a payroll partner?

    As federal, state, and local governments continue to pass and repeal regulations at a dizzying pace, it's more difficult than ever for business owners of all kinds to keep up with ever-changing HR and compliance demands. Accountants need a trusted payroll and HR provider who's connected to every legislative agency, a trusted partner who can help them navigate the complexities of doing business today.

    For nearly 50 years, Paychex has been that trusted partner, offering a full range of solutions to meet firms wherever they want to be on the payroll spectrum now and in the future. Our all-in-one, scalable HR solution, Paychex Flex, allows accountants and their clients to customize services, ranging from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and benefits, and much more. In addition, Paychex AccountantHQ, our exclusive online dashboard for accounting professionals, drives productivity and offers unmatched service by providing access to authorized client data, robust reporting, and personal service 24/7/365.

  2. What is the biggest technological hurdle or challenge in providing outsourced payroll?

    New workforce demands are driving HR and payroll technology innovation left and right. People today want mobility and independence in both their personal and professional lives. Nearly three in four current employees, according to a Paychex Small Business Survey, expect their employer to offer a high-level of HR self-service through a mobile and user-friendly application. This means giving employees instant access to their payroll data, empowering them to make changes such as to direct deposit themselves, and supporting those who have questions within the payroll application itself. Client employees are becoming an increasingly important audience for solutions like Paychex Flex, which recently introduced a chatbot to answer commonly asked HR and payroll questions In real time without involving a phone call or email to HR.

    Accountants should partner with a provider whose technology and...

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