Paying for it.

Author:Katz, Steve

I really enjoy the candid conversations I have with label printers, especially the ones where they preface what they're about to say with an "off the record," or conclude their thought with a "you can't print that."

During my interview with Jeff Salisbury, the president and CEO of Label Impressions, the subject of this issue's Narrow Web Profile, he spoke candidly about sustainability. I first came across Label Impressions a few years ago when I wrote about FiberStone, a tree-free paper substrate made from stone that Label Impressions offers its customers. FiberStone is truly unique, and I was excited to get an update on its progress.

When our conversation moved to FiberStone and sustainability, Salisbury summed up the reality of the situation. No matter people tell you, he said, "They're waiting for the Holy Grail--a perfectly sustainable material that doesn't cost more."

Also in this issue is Catherine Diamond's update on the state of recycling compatible adhesives, where similar sentiments are expressed. On adopting RCAs, Calvin Frost, one of the more passionate sustainability mavens in the industry, says, "Do you think Walmart is going to spend 60% more on a little label? It comes down to price. We have the technology; but it's all a matter of scale."

Cost is and has been a roadblock for increased adoption of sustainable materials. So...

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