A Pattern Book of New Orleans Architecture.

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Roulhac Toledano; A PATTERN BOOK OF NEW ORLEANS ARCHITECTURE; Pelican Publishing (Architecture) $35.00 ISBN: 9781589806948

Nearly five years ago Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans subjecting one of North America's most beloved cities to tremendous water damage. The architecture of New Orleans is a unique reflection of the city's rich and colorful history and so as the city continues to rebuild architects planners and building professionals endeavor to preserve the city's architectural heritage. With this book homeowners and professionals alike can pore over 100 of the nearly 5000 watercolor and gouache renderings of New Orleans architecture currently preserved at the New Orleans Notarial Archives.

Author lecturer authority on historical architecture and winner of the 1997 American Institute of Architects International Book Award Roulhac B. Toledano has gathered 121 historical color illustrations dating from 1803 to 1918 and combined those images with thirty color and thirty-five black and white photos to capture what "old renovated restored and new buildings might look like and should look like...[the] paintings and drawings serve as a pattern book of New Orleans architecture." In addition to the many elevations and neighborhood plot plans twenty-five black and white illustrations provide floor plans of many traditional homes including Creole townhouses shotguns camelbacks and villas.

Toledano's history of New Orleans'...

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