After Patrick Henry: A Second American Revolution (Black Rose Books).

Position:Book review

Neal Q. Herrick; AFTER PATRICK HENRY: A SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION (BLACK ROSE BOOKS); Black Rose Books (Political Science) $53.99 ISBN: 1551643219

Attend a party read a blog skim the editorial page of a newspaper and you'll be treated to a bevy of opinions about the U.S. government and what it does wrong or less often what it does right. But how many of these arguments are truly informed? How many stem from a careful scrutiny of the most important document in U.S. history to outline the supreme law of the land--the Constitution?

One book that cannot be accused of a lack of research is Neal Q. Herrick's After Patrick Henry: A Second American Revolution. Here Herrick a retired academic and author of two other books offers an intriguing in-depth argument concerning the ways in which the executive branch of the government has been allowed to overstep the law with no repercussions.

Whether the executive branch is illegally declaring war against other countries--solely the job of Congress--or perjuring itself it's the role of senators and representatives to impeach and judge on the basis of the constitutional law. Our system of checks and balances has dissolved into ineffectual displays of incompetence; politicians tend to ignore the call for impartiality and vote along party lines. Herrick writes We must revitalize our failed impeachment provisions in...

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