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Three of 10 respondents in the annual survey of Inspire say they have talked to their doctors about enrolling in clinical trials, and about 14% actually participated in one. "Given the increased focus on patient-centric clinical trial design, and addressing the issues surrounding trial recruitment by the health-care community, this was a new area of exploration in this year's survey," says Dave Taylor, senior director of the Arlington, Va.-based health care social network.

According to the survey findings, caregivers are more likely to have a doctor suggest a clinical trial for their loved one, and also are more likely to suggest proactively a clinical trial than patients themselves.

As for genetic testing, patients show a high degree of willingness to have their DNA tested, as well as potentially sharing their health records with researchers in an effort to further medical science. Many respondents indicate they believe that the key to further breakthroughs lies within the genetic code and they want to do their part to make...

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