Path Of The Novice Mystic.

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Path Of The Novice Mystic

Paul Dunion

River Grove Books

c/o Smith Publicity

1930 E Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

9781938416392, $14.95, 270 pp,

Synopsis: "Path of the Novice Mystic" provides a unique look into the world of secular mysticism. Dr. Paul Dunion suggests that peace comes when we accept the world's inherent uncertainties and begin to approach life with elevated curiosity and enthusiasm. Dunion guides you toward maintaining a heightened level of mindfulness in everyday life. He shows how the simple act of being fully present and cultivating a soul practice opens the gates to unity-the essence of the novice secular mystic and the key to finding depth and meaning in life. "Path of the Novice Mystic" unique blend of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

Critique: A seminal work, Dr. Dunion draws upon...

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